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Our qualified team of tree professionals is here to help with your tree needs, maintenance, and overall yard care. Trust us with your green! 

Transformed Trees and Landscaping LLC is a full-service tree & landscape company that offers a variety of services to fit your needs. Although we specialize in native trees and shrubs, our credited and highly experienced estimators and field staff can confidentially help guide you in your decision to transform, update, or simply clean your already beautiful property. Education is a large part of our business, whether it be watering instruction, problem identification and solution or just help picking out the correct tree. We here at Transformed Trees and Landscaping LLC always bring the science behind the service. We look forward to helping you with your next project!

At Transformed Trees, we do not just offer trimming services, but a wide variety of complimentary services. These include tree trimming and pruning, tree removal and stump grinding, insect and disease management, storm damage, tree selection, and planting, soil care and fertilization, cabling and bracing, landscape design and consultation, complete irrigation installation, and repair, and installing decorative rock. Also available is free mulch drop, this is by availability and drop must accept a full truck load (about 4 tons).

Transformed Trees and Landscaping LLC is a full-service professional tree and landscape company built on science and service. Although we do specialize in native trees we offer a wide variety of other services.

Tree Trimming

Transformed Trees & Landscaping is your experienced and knowledgeable tree trimming and tree removal expert. We take great pride in every job that we do!


From beautiful landscaping and irrigation designs to creating low-maintenance yards, we work with our customers to bring their vision to life and yards they are proud of.


Free locally sourced woodchips. Must accept a full truckload (about 4 tons). We do not chip Oleander or Palm Trees, only local desert species like Mesquite and Pine.

Landscaping Services

Tree Pruning

Our tree trimming and pruning experts have years of experience, shaping trees for their health and beauty.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree or grinding a stump may not be as easy as it seems. Call a professional to do it the safe way.

Free Mulch Drop

Free drop of locally sourced woodchips. Must accept a full truckload (about 4 tons). We do not chip Oleander or Palm Trees, only local desert species like Mesquite and Pine.

Insect Management

We use industry-proven techniques to help combat insect and disease-infected trees to help maintain their health.

Storm Damage

Property landscapes can be destroyed with just one Tucson monsoon. We can help restore your beautiful yard.

Tree Planting

Our tree experts are happy to not only properly plant your new tree, but also help select the best option for you!

Soil Care

Proper soil care and fertilization are the foundations of growing and maintaining healthy plants and trees.


Healthy plants and trees require the right amount of irrigation. We’ve installed and repaired tons of systems!

Cable & Bracing

Do you have a leaning tree that needs extra correction, bracing, or cabling? We do it the right way, while not harming the tree.

Landscape Design

Our expert landscape designers and consultants work with you to create an amazing landscape that you’ll love!

Decorative Rock

A well-selected decorative rock can really make a landscape pop! We deliver and install your decorative rock.



Chris Bouchard, the current owner of Transformed Trees, was founded in 2016. Previously, Chris worked for a major player in this Tree industry in Tucson. He was quickly educated in the art and trade of tree trimming and maintenance that inspired him to become a fully certified Arizona arborist. From then on it became his passion that led to the finding of Transformed Trees and Landscaping LLC.

The maintenance of your trees in relation to your landscaping can be a lot more complex than you may think. You shouldn’t just trim your trees at any time of the year, nor should it be at random. There’s a science behind everything we do and, especially here in the Arizona Southwest, you absolutely need a company that knows this science as we do. The bottom line is that your home – including your landscaping – is probably your biggest financial investment. As you would want to hire true experts and professionals to address any other part of your home maintenance and upkeep, why would you want to cut corners when it comes to your trees and landscaping?

Led by Chris, we’re a dedicated team that’s ready to offer you the best advice, the best services, and amazing customer service – not just for a landscaping company – but from any local company you’ll ever work with.

Client Testimonials

A professional arborist who knows the right way to trim trees and shrubs. He totally beautified my yard

I recently used Chris Bouchard with Transformed Tree Services to remove a mesquite tree. I was very pleased. They showed up on time, did exactly what I wanted to be done.

Chris Bouchard, did a fantastic job on my overgrown mesquite trees. Answers your call right away and is a delightful person. Very reasonable price.

They trimmed 6 Mesquites and a 30 foot Palo Verde tree with a 40-foot canopy. Trimmed it back to a beautiful compliment to the home and fixed an irrigation problem that was stunting one of the trees.

Elyse W.

Woodland / Seneca / Wrightstown

Donna V.


Beth K.

Rillito Bend

Bill & Mary M.

Rocking K Ranch Estates

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